– Thank you, Thanksgiving –

Thanksgiving. For us, it would have been yesterday. Today. Yesterday. Tomorrow? That’s right fella’s, the land-down-under doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Although everything I know about Thanksgiving is learnt from my beloved USA television shows, with Jess as a turkey


Joey IN a turkey


and Marshall, making a string of turkeys.


So turkeys MUST be involved.

Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, here, any reason is a good enough reason to celebrate by sitting in the backyard, drinking a carton of beer and BBQ everything. Grandma’s birthday, Footy match, Sunny day… any reason is good! Any reason at all. 

So now, we look forward to Christmas. Combine sun, cricket, good company and alcohol all together and you’ve got yourself a smashing Christmas!!

Signing off,


[Like a Drum]

I am currently raving over this new song by Australian artist Guy Sebastian. The upbeat, boppy tune just makes me want to explode into dance. (Even as I type, I bop my head to the beat!). His smooth voice just makes me melt while his smile opens heavens. Guy Sebastian was discovered in 2004 as the winner of Australian Idol. One of the most successful artists produced by Aus.

It is finally good to see some music not filled to the brim with provocative content. I absolutely love supporting our Australian artists. If you love this song, check out Jessica Mauboy (an Australian Idol finalist). Another beautiful artist from the land-down-under.

The more you listen, the more you love. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

J x

Green Peas


Congratulate me! Because today, I’ve just passed my P2 Drivers test. In other words


Although this doesn’t give me much more freedom (three extra people in my car between the times 11pm and 5am), my life is so uneventful that this is basically a highlight.

Just some monumental news that I wished to share 🙂


Finished Freshman Year


Finishing my first year of University and college has been a big adventure. Not only that, it has really shown me how fitting to the stereotype college kids are. Not only do they drink excessively, hold amazing parties, hook up with anything that moves and vomit until tummies are empty they have debunked one myth. Study.

Surprisingly, many college kids find the balance between study and sickness, enough to continue through to the next year of uni.

Some other tips and tricks that I’ve learnt through the year

  • Always bring change – if you don’t, you’ll end up being the fool paying for the $30.00 maxi taxi
  • Pre drinking – if you have a pre drinking homeground, use it, and never let it go. It is also much, much cheaper. For example: $4.00 can get you a horrible tasting red wine which contains 8 standard drinks. Also, in regards to pre drinking, decide on the spot, whether you are going for standard drinks / price ratio or taste / price ratio. This decision can effect whether you have a good night, or a great night.
  • Going out – going out to a backpackers bar during the week is ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA.
  • Hooking up – Hooking up is sometimes appropriate. It is one of those things where one must read the room. Hooking up at a club: GREAT Hooking up at a Bar: OK Hooking up at a lunch: ….. read the room. That is all i have to say. (and also remember, at any college event, there will always be photographers, waiting to pounce on that horrible saliva sharing, tongue lovin’, good old face lick)
  • Making friends – making friends at university is always tricky. Maybe start with “This class is boring, isn’t it?” It is truly hard, even more so if you are in a degree with thousands and thousands of people.

To people who haven’t moved to university life yet…

go to college

it will be the best decision you’ll have ever made.

J xx


Photos by Sterling Events.

Event: St John’s College, F.resherome (one of the craziest events of the year)

Hello and goodmorning…

As I sit lay here on my bed, typing what ever comes to mind while listening to F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I wonder whether I should be sitting at a table, or if laying down, on the verge of slipping out of consciousness is the better idea.

It’s 12:45 am Saturday 23 March 2013 typing away what I think would usually be in a blog. But that’s the thing. This isn’t a blog that I want to be the same as the others. For me, this is a blog that gives everyone (even myself) a little insight into what many people like to call ‘life’.

Here, I will share photos, ideas and stories. And I hope that you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed typing them.

Over and out

Jenny xx